Casona de Nueva - Llanes 2

The town of Llanes, is a town that has many privileges that differentiate it from other Asturian towns or villages. Although it is not considered a city, it is a port with a medieval air, but also a modern town, which also has country houses and mansions with an Indian character, built by those who returned to the land after “making America.” ”.

Located in front of the Cantabrian Sea, in the middle of old and modern buildings, squares, squares, promenades, endless terraces where you can stop to have a drink and, within the heart of its urban center, it has a clean and charming beach: El Sablón, which, above the cliff, has a long walk.

What can you see in the town of Llanes?

Among its most representative monuments you will find the Basilica of Santa María, The Casino and a long list of Palaces and Mansions. Its old town, with cobbled streets, maintains a prodigal commercial activity, combined with a balanced urban planning. The old town reveals its medieval past with a wall that began to be built in the 13th century, the remains of which are preserved in good condition, with the Tower being its greatest exponent, and which today houses the Tourist Office.

Bordering the cliffed coast, the Paseo de San Pedro will give you spectacular views of the coast and the mountains, while it runs over a firm blanket of manicured grass, which invites you to walk barefoot on it. It starts next to El Sablón Beach, and on your way you will see the most beautiful benches in the world. Continuing with the walk, it is almost mandatory to visit Puerto de Llanes. Located inside the estuary, it is a small traditional fishing port, where you can enjoy watching the return of the boats and attending the fish auction held at the fish market.

If you want to take the Paseo de San Antón, you must cross to the other side, and from there you will reach the Llanes Lighthouse, from where you will have a wonderful view of the Memory Cubes, concrete blocks that were made to protect the port, an authentic work of art, which the Basque artist Agustín Ibarrola painted with bold colors.

Nearby our hotel

The town of Llanes is located just 19 kilometers from our house. Its proximity will make things easier for you when planning your visit.