Design & Essence
The rooms are full of details and historical references that will immerse you in the past. Music, natural flowers, crafts and an attentive "house staff" complete the unique experience of staying in a charming Mansion.

Our rooms

They have been designed to make your stay an unforgettable luxury experience in the heart of Eastern Asturias. Cuddle up in your bed and experience deep, restful sleep. All rooms are designed with quality finishes, bathrooms, bedding and high-speed WiFi, integrating the design of its historic boutique hotel building where luxury, art and design come together.

Design and essence are very important to us. We were very careful in the design to maintain and renovate our rooms. Isabel Quirós carefully designed some of the most special spaces of the Hotel.

Unique design

The hotel has a collection of unique rooms spread over 2 floors, each carefully decorated and prepared. The fact that each room is different makes our guests' stay at the hotel even more unique.

Additional comfort

Our rooms stand out for their decoration, spaciousness and tranquility, each one has all the details for a comfortable and cozy stay. Choose to stay in a Deluxe Suite and enjoy additional spaciousness.